The Cellography Exhibition

The Cellography Exhibition was introduced to the Nantucket community in 2013, and has become a favorite annual exhibition. Artists submit images/photographs printed on paper that have been taken with their smart phone. The images are displayed “dark room” style with clothespins on a twine line. It is held concurrently with the Artist Open exhibition, making the show a wonderful opportunity for the whole community to participate whether or not they are artist members.
To make a great show event better, this year AAN will add an exciting interactive component for the first time. AAN has installed four iPads in the gallery that will be mounted throughout the exhibition space, and using the hashtag #aancellography2018, AAN will engage the community via social media. Visitors will be able to access all photos with the hashtag from the gallery using the iPads. The photos tagged with the AAN hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter will be shown in a continuously updating slideshow for visitors to view alongside the printed photos in the exhibition. Gallery visitors can also access the Instagram accounts of artist members, allowing them access to more of an artist’s work.

New Cellography Exhibition 2018 Guidelines

Note: Artists may participate in the Cellography Exhibition online, via social media; at the Cecelia Joyce and Seward Gallery; or both at the gallery and online. This exhibition is an open show, and therefore open to anyone, not just members.

The changes to the Cellography Exhibition are all thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation for Nantucket’s ReMain Nantucket Fund.


  1. • To participate please use the hashtag: #aancellography2018
  2. • Artists who are off island may participate digitally by using the hashtag: #aancellography2018 in social media.
  3. • Through the use of the new gallery iPads, visitors are able to view a “slide show” of all photos tagged on social media with the hashtag #aancellography2018. They can also access these photos by following the hashtag #aancellography2018 on social media platforms.
  4. • Visitors who would like to purchase a photo seen at the gallery, or on social media should contact Peter Greenhalgh at the gallery, 508-228-0294 or

At the Gallery

  1. • Drop-off day is Tuesday, May 22, between 10am and 5pm, at the Cecelia Joyce and Seward Johnson Gallery, 19 Washington Street.
  2. • Photos must be 8” x 10” or less.
  3. • Printing at AAN’s Visual Arts Center is free with a limit of five total prints.
  4. • Artists can print their photos at AAN's Visual Arts Center (VAC), 24 Amelia Drive, for free. Printing hours are Wed., May 16, 7-8pm; Thurs., May 17, 7-8pm; Friday, May 18, 10am -12pm, Monday, May 19, 6:30-8pm. You must call ahead to reserve your time, 508-228-0722. Photos can also be printed at the UPS store on Old South Road.
  5. • Photographers must have their images ready to go. All editing should be done on the cell phone. Please bring a flash drive with your selected images on it, ready to print.
  6. • If you are printing at the Visual Arts Center, you must also submit your work for the show while at the VAC and fill out the required paperwork.
  7. • Cell phone images must be for sale at the gallery. The commission structure is 65% to the photographer, 35% to the AAN gallery.
  8. • Visitors who would like to purchase a photo seen at the gallery, or on social media, should contact Peter Greenhalgh at the gallery, 508-228-0294 or