Saltonstall, Elizabeth

Member of the 45 Group. Considered one of the nation’s foremost litho graphers, Saltonstall first came to Nantucket in 1922 to study landscape painting with Frank Swift Chase. From then on, she resided at her “Wateredge” cottage on Swain’s Wharf every summer, except one, when she went to Maine in the early 1930’s to study the art of lithography with Stow Wengenroth. Although she painted in oils, acrylics, and water- colors, lithography became “her principle medium”. She was one of the first artists to join--and so form--the AAN. Saltonstall taught painting in the girls school at Milton Academy for 37 years. She was the daughter of a onetime Middlesex County district attorney. Her family tree goes back to Sir Richard Saltonstall, who landed in the New World in 1630. The late senator and governor of the Commonweath, Leverett Saltonstall, was her first cousin. From May 11 Boston Globe obit: Elizabeth Saltonstall of Chestnut Hill, a prominent Boston artist, patron of the arts and retired art teacher, died at her home early yesterday. She was 89. Miss Saltonstall had taught painting in the girls school at Milton Academy for 37 years. It was a real "Goodbye Miss Chips" when she retired in 1965. Of her years at the school, she said: "I've loved it. Seen lots of girls come and go. Mothers as well as their daughters. Makes me a grandmother of sorts, doesn't it? And I've got some stunning things from them," she added with teacherly pride. "It's wonderful the things children do." She attended the Boston Museum School where she studied fine and graphic arts, with a focus on lithography, under William Merritt Chase. Exhibitions include the Audubon Society of Students, Brooklyn Museum, Carnegie Institute/International, National Academy of Design, and Nat’l Assoc. of Women Artists.