Pagon, Katharine W. Dunn

Katharine W. Dunn Pagon


Member of the 45 Group.

A trained portrait painter, Pagon was a member of the ‘45 Group on Nantucket and part of the artist contingent from the Baltimore/Washington area that included Sarah Baker, Charlotte Stuart Kimball, and Elinor Gibson Graham. She was an early member of the Artists Association and showed in the early Sidewalk Art Shows, as in 1934.

Kept a studio on Nantucket.

Student 1910-1918, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

She became close friends with her teacher Hugh Breckenridge and corresponded with he and his family over many years.

Birth - Dec. 1892 (Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania)

Death - Nov. 1988 (Baltimore, Maryland)

Lived/Active  -  Often Known For

Maryland  -  landscapes, florals

Nantucket  -  Portriats, woodcuts, intaglio prints


* Easel Painting

* Plein Air Painting


* Oil Paint

* Watercolor, Watercolour

* Printmaking


* Impressionism Before 1940


* Floral Landscape, Wildflowers

* Floral Still Life, Floral Motifs

* Landscape

* Marine, Maritime, Nautical, Boats

* Still Life

* Abstract

* Portraits

Geography/Places Lived and/or Worked

* Nantucket Island, Massachusetts


* National Association of Women Artists

* Salons of America

Some Exhibitions

* 1930s, several appearences in the Annual Painting & Sculpture Exhibition by Maryland Artists (1933, 1934, 1935, 1937)

* Artists Association of Nantucket

* Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC

* National Academy of Design

* National Association of Women Artists

* Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

* Salons of America


* Hugh Breckenridge


* Columbia University Art Studies, Student

* Maryland Institute of Design, College of Art, Student

* Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Student


Cresson Traveling Scholarship


* Early 20th Century Before 1950

Added Description

* Art Educator, Teaching, Lecturer

Papers in the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts:

Correspondence with Hugh H. Breckenridge and his family, 1926-39

Clippings and printed matter

Album of photographs of Breckenridge paintings