Kagan, Illya

Illya Kagan, b. 1969 I first Met Illya two decades ago, when I interviewed him for my Arts Buzz column. We sat in the Beach Plum Café surrounded by his bold impressionistic art. That show moved on to the Barker Gallery later that year, and by 1995 he was a fixture at South Wharf Gallery. Illya’s a fast riser. He now, in 2014, hosts his own annual exhibition at the Westmoor. The Kagans are an artistic family. His father, Vlady, is one of the preeminent furniture designers in the world. His mother, Erica Wilson, was often called “the Julia Childs of Needlework”. Illya studied at Skidmore and Lacoste Ecole in the town of Provence. And he’s worked extensively out of Aspen, the West Indies, and Nantucket, where he has an upstairs studio on Main Street. Illya is a dedicated plein air painter that you might see anywhere from Federal Street to Great Point to Sesachacha Pond. Tonight we have him at Washington Street. Bobby Frazier