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Course Description

Celebrate Nantucket’s landscape in this fun mixed media workshop designed for all levels of artists. UK based artist Seana Mallen guides students to create beautifully expressive botanical prints with her innovative process of using gelli prints with watercolor. Day 1 You will work collaboratively in playful experimentation to create brilliant, loose, and splashy sheets of water-colored tissue paper that will become layers of brilliant color and light. Day 2 You will gelli-print on the collection of papers made the previous day by making printable textured surfaces by pressing flowers and foliage into the soft gelatin plates, removing the objects, then inking and printing. These prints will be then used to collage on your individual botanically themed canvases. Day 3: You will finish your artwork with all the elements you’ve invented, layers of tissue, gelli-prints and acrylic and you’ll be amazed by what you can create! You will have one finished canvas , ready to hang on your wall, and will start a “concertina sketchbook” that you can keep developing to keep the inspiration alive.

Cancellation Policy

Thank you for signing up for a class. Once your class is paid for, we cannot offer a refund or credit, unless we cancel class due to low registration. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us BEFORE completing your payment.


The AAN will supply a “concertina” accordion style book for each student.

White and black acrylic paint and two or three of your favorite colors.
Watercolor - variety

  • scissors
  • variety of brushes
  • toothbrush
  • Elmers glue or any PVA
  • masking tape
  • wet wipes

Canvas or canvas board or wood panel (your choice of size)
Tissue paper of various colors, and any other paper you’d like to use, like rice paper, pages or music or books, wrapping paper, napkin, maps, envelops, etc.

Optional: lace, netting, and other flat textured materials.

  • Something botanical, like ferns, grasses, leaves, pressed flowers etc. The flatter the better. Though we can also go out and forage!
Exuberant Botanical Mixed Media

Seana Mallen

Seana Mallen is an internationally acclaimed artist who loves to share her passion for watercolor. After graduating from the University of California in Santa Cruz, Mallen exhibited her work in galleries from California to the Middle East, including the Royal Academy in London. She has over 30 years teaching experience at the university and continuing adult education level. Her favorite thing in life, along with painting, is watching her students blossom and thrive. To see more of her work and read students' testimonials, please visit her website, (link: text:, or find her on instagram @seanamallen. Seana welcomes you to reach out to her on these platforms with any questions or concerns.
Full Artist Profile