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Course Description

Evolve your landscape painting to a higher level of artistic consciousness and execution. Through the lens of plein-air painting, all the components of constructing a painting will be explored, including idea, design and composition, draftsmanship, color and value arrangement, and manipulation. The artistic process will also be discussed, in terms of the philosophy and intention behind the work. Don will paint daily demonstrations, and give students brief visual exercises and extensive individual instruction. Intermediate to Advance levels.

Cancellation Policy

Thank you for signing up for a class. Once your class is paid for, we cannot offer a refund or credit, unless we cancel class due to low registration. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us BEFORE completing your payment.


One of the following:

  1. French Easel
  2. Pochade box.
  3. Portable easel and paint box

Portable seat/stool

Suggested Paints for optimal success
Titanium White
Cad Red Light
Ultramarine Blue
Cad Yellow Med.
Alizarin Crimson
Cobalt Blue
Cad Yellow Light or Lemon Yellow
Burnt Sienna
Cad Red Med.
Green Umber (Rembrandt)
Green Earth (Rembrandt)
Yellow Ochre
Raw Sienna
Burnt Umber
Alkyd White Indian or Mars Red


A selection of bristle and/or natural hair brushes, sizes ranging from small to large.
Some synthetic brushes work well (W&N Monarch). Nylon brushes are not recommended. Suggested brush profiles can be filberts, flats, brights and rounds.
Badger Hair brushes, (Langnickel Brand) for working on edges

Painting Medium:
Liquin or another medium of your choice (if working in the studio, please use Galkyd).

Brush Cleaner:
Mineral Spirits, turpentine, paint thinner or other brush cleaner.
(If working in the studio, please use AAN's supply of Gamsol, Vegetable Oil, Dawn Dish Soap, or/and Brush Cleaner.)

Panels using linen, cotton duck, or polyflex. (two recommended vendors are Source Tek and Raymar)
Sizes: Smaller sizes strongly recommended. Not to exceed 14 x 18.

Neutral color shirt
Painting hat
Sketch pad and pencils (I use grey paper with black and white charcoal pencils
Optional: Painting umbrella

Donald Demers

Donald Demers' love of art was inspired by his summers sailing off the coast of Maine, and later crewing aboard traditional schooners and quareriggers. After studying at the School of the Worcester Art Museum and the Massachusetts College of Art, he began his professional career as an illustrator. Now, as an award winning marine and landscape painter, Demer’s paintings have been included in a wide range of art and maritime publications. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Marine Artists, an elected member of the Guild of Boston Artists and the California Art Club, and a signature member of Plein Air Painters of America. He shares his vast knowledge of painting through plein-air workshops and lectures across the United States.Demers is represented by Vose Galleries, Boston.
Full Artist Profile