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Course Description

Drawing the figure - bodies drawing bodies - can be tremendously exciting. The figure is full of surprises, as every part of it takes on new shapes with each pose. We’ll explore, in both long and short poses, the dynamics of how we balance, turn, twist, using our own kinetic sense and finding the essential gesture.
Everyone is encouraged to use only dry media - conte, soft pencil, hard charcoal or pastel - in order to experience the infinite variety of making lines.

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Cancellation Policy

AAN depends upon student tuition to continue to offer classes and workshops. Due to our commitment to small class sizes and the hands-on nature of art education, we are greatly impacted by cancellations. Nevertheless, we do understand that plans change. If you need to cancel your reservation for a class or workshop, please note our cancellation/refund policy here and let us know as soon as possible.


All materials included in tuition.

Drawing the Clothed Figure, 18+

John Devaney

John Devaney's love of drawing the figure inspires his paintings of the human parade. His scenes of everyday life teem with an infinite variety of beings – both mythical and familiar, dark and comical. His earliest work reflects a fascination with the figure underwater, a subject that has expanded beyond human swimmers to animals, mythological scenes, even an underwater operation, a submerged labyrinth, and a Zeus-like bull pursuing a glowing bagel. The fluidity, distortions, and mystery of water translated into his subsequent cityscapes and landscapes, in which figures, architecture, the land, and sky all interact : the brick walks and cobblestones of a Nantucket street scene surge around the flow of pedestrians; the tourist hordes pour from a ferry landing at the wharf or through the canyons of midtown Manhattan.
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