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Course Description

These sculpted structures are metaphorical openings; portals which entice, appealing to us as visual invitations for our journey toward health’s safe harbor. We are beckoned to step through, opening ourselves to a new dawn, to take flight and soar emotionally, inviting us to boldly step over the threshold- symbols of august transitions that lift us from interior spaces into unbounded space. Sculpted all, these gateways, doorways and windows are the portals for reclamation of our collective vibrancy and health.

Cancellation Policy

Thank you for signing up for a class. We do NOT issue tuition refunds or credits, unless we must cancel class due to low enrollment. Minors 15+ MAY attend some daytime adult classes and workshops when they successfully complete our WAIVER process. Questions or concerns? BEFORE completing your payment, please contact our office at 508-228-0722


Materials included in tuition.

Ceramic Portals: Gateways, Doorways & Windows 18+

Juliet Ehrlich

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