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Course Description

Find new dimensions in your creative process through mixed media experimentation, and learn how working with collage and mixed media can jumpstart innovation and inspiration. Sherre shares her process of combining fragments of paper and photographs to develop active, interconnected surfaces that may be transformed further with paint and ink. Students will work open-endedly, inviting the element of surprise to guide their process, searching out message and meaning while benefiting from the lively class environment’s cross-pollination. You may work with your personal collection of papers and printable images, and are also welcome to choose from Sherre’s own treasure box.This is the perfect workshop for artists of all levels, working in any media, and may be taken separately or in preparation for Sherre’s upcoming workshop “Deepening Imagery.” ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

Cancellation Policy

Thank you for signing up for a class. Once your class is paid for, we cannot offer a refund or credit, unless we cancel class due to low registration. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us BEFORE completing your payment.


The AAN Studio is equipped with glass top sliding carts that make perfect glass palettes. However, you will want to bring a large plastic bin or tray with palette paper and a lid. Because the studio is used for evening classes and storage room is at a minimum, students are asked to transport their supplies to and from the studio each day. We also supply vegetable oil, dawn soap, and Gamsol for clean up.


Hardboard panels (flat or cradled) canvas

Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive
PVA adhesive
or other archival glue Acrylic medium to use as a glue and as a protective glaze

Source Material:
Images from photos, printed on plain, matte or miscellaneous paper. Inkjet prints, Lazer prints, prints from a copier.
Personal photos, images from magazines etc.
Tissue paper, rice paper, organic materials, fabric.
There will be plenty of source material available from AAN and Sherre’s collection.

Painting materials:
oil paint, transparent pigments
acrylic paint, transparent high flow (Golden brand) oil pastels,

oil pigments:
Mussini: transparent cyan & oriental blue & Violet & Magenta & Turquoise Williamsburg: quinacridone gold brown & transparent iron oxide.
Daniel Smith: quinacridone gold & burnt scarlet & cold black.
Any brand: paynes gray, asphaltum, indian yellow

Acrylic high flow:
hansa yellow, brown iron oxide, phthalo blue, green, quinacridone magenta, red, green gold, ultramarine blue, dioxazine purple, neutral gray , titanium white, buff

Simply Simmons - (very inexpensive) variety of sizes

Active Surface 18+

Sherre Wilson-Liljegren

Sherre Wilson Liljegren is a painter, photographer, mixed media artist, and lifelong AAN member. She received her BFA at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in Painting and Printmaking, before earning an MS in Art Education at Massachusetts College of Art. Wilson-Liljergen has shown her work internationally, exhibiting her ethereal landscapes and interiors of Nantucket, England, Spain, Mexico, Wyoming and the Artic. In the late 90’s she revamped the adult painting classes at the Gardner-Perry facility, later serving on the AAN board from 2009 to 2018. Residencies include two Visual Artist Residency Fellowships at Vermont Studios Center, and most recently completed The Arctic Circle Residency’s Art and Science expedition to the High Arctic in 2019.
Full Artist Profile