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Course Description

Experience the freedom of working abstractly by looking through the lens of expression. Ruth Gilmore Langs works with students to move from what is seen in the known representational world, to what is felt in the heart and soul. Working in acrylics, Ruth teaches students to source short mediations and creative exercises as an infinite wellspring of personal expression. Students will concentrate on form and color, working with gestural spontaneity and intuitive rhythm to create an evocative aesthetic experience on their canvas. Whether you are new to abstraction and acrylics, want to loosen up your style, or looking for ways to awaken your abstract painting practice to a deeper, more spiritual level of connection, this joyful, positive workshop offers numerous ways for thinking and feeling about the purpose and possibilities of artistic creativity. All Levels Welcome

Cancellation Policy

Thank you for signing up for a class. Once your class is paid for, we cannot offer a refund or credit, unless we cancel class due to low registration. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us BEFORE completing your payment.


The AAN Studio is equipped with glass top sliding carts that make perfect glass palettes. However, you will want to bring a large plastic bin or tray with palette paper and a lid. Because the studio is used for evening classes and storage room is at a minimum, students are asked to transport their supplies to and from the studio each day. We also supply vegetable oil, dawn soap, and Gamsol for clean up.

Canvas no smaller than 24x24
Prefer larger canvases.

Hardware store brushes ( cheap ) 1" 2" 3" One or two detail brushes
Paper Towels
Palette or plastic plates

Acrylic Paints:
Basic colors
Ultra marine Blue
White ( large )
Perm Green
Cad Yellow
Add if want:
Lemon green
Lemon yellow
Cobalt Blue

Abstract Expressionism

Ruth Gilmore Langs

Ruth Gilmore Langs is an Ann Arbor, MI, native who exhibits her abstract expressionist paintings nationally. Although she minored in painting at American University in Washington DC, she cites her true artistic development to studying with Chinese artist Kwok Wai Lau. Painting is an intensely personal endeavor for Ruth, which she uses to process her life experiences, explore the beauty of nature, and passionately connect to the world around her. In Ruth’s workshops, she teaches painting as the language of the human spirit–the rhythm, beat and song of the self. She encourages her students to surrender to seeing the world as a child, when everything is magic.
Full Artist Profile